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Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash Are Latest Crypto Additions to Robinhood Investing App

U.S.-based mobile stock trading app Robinhood has added two new cryptocurrencies to its no-fee trading service.

The company said in an announcement on Thursday that litecoin and bitcoin cash have been added for Robinhood Crypto users following strong demand from customers for crypto assets beyond the current options of bitcoin and ethereum.

As part of the announcement, Robinhood also claimed it now has over 5 million users on the platform following expansion of its crypto trading service to 17 U.S. states.

The news follows a report in May that Robinhood raised $363 million in a Series D funding round, which the company said would allow it to offer more crypto trading pairs in more markets in the U.S.

At the time, Robinhood Crypto was available in 10 states. Since then, crypto trading has been opened up across Utah, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Indiana, New Jersey and Texas.

The company's co-founder and co-CEO Baiju Bhatt previously said he expects Robinhood Crypto to be able to cover the entire U.S. by the end of 2018 as part of a plan to become one of the largest cryptocurrency platforms.

As previously reported by CoinDesk, Robinhood launched the crypto trading service in February, offering bitcoin and ethereum trading pairs in five states.

Self-Proclaimed Satoshi Says Bitcoin Book in the Works

An individual claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto has announced they are writing a book about bitcoin and its history that will include personal stories of its creator, though it's unclear whether the person is the actual inventor of the world's first – and still biggest – cryptocurrency.

Last Friday, a website named posted a letter signed by Satoshi Nakamoto – the (probably pseudonymous) name of the author of the notable 2008 bitcoin white paper, whose real identity still remains unknown.

According to the post, the book, if it ever comes out, will be divided into two parts and named «Honne and Tatamae,» according to the results of a «cryptopuzzle» published with the post.

An explanation from Wikipedia indicates that the name in Japanese means «the contrast between a person's true feelings and desires and the behavior and opinions one displays in public.»

Further, the post's author claims the book will contain information about the personal life of bitcoin's creator, saying:

«But to be certain, there are countless conversations I found to be enlightening that I hope make it to be part of the story. There will be many new names and individuals appearing throughout the book in any case, as it is a story about my personal life.»
Published alongside the announcement is an excerpt from the supposed book, which briefly recaps the development of bitcoin and covers new issues that have emerged since the creation of bitcoin such as scaling, the concept of blockchain and the arrival of application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) miners.

The excerpt also goes on to explain why the name Satoshi Nakamoto was chosen in the first place:

«I wanted the most common name, which I knew no one outside of Japan had any recollection that Satoshi Nakamoto, was the equivalent of 'John Smith.' It took time for the public to come to this conclusion, but most with direct access to me had figured it out long ago.»
However, whether the post's author is indeed the real Nakamoto cannot yet be verified.

Craig Wright, an Australian academic and chief scientist at nChain, who claimed to be Nakamoto in 2015 (though has not provided proof adequate for most observers), took to Twitter after the book announcement came to light, saying that its author «cannot get the dates nor technical details correct.»

The SEC Is Seeking Comment on Yet Another Bitcoin ETF

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is once again seeking comments on a potential bitcoin-based exchange-traded fund (ETF).

The securities regulator called for comments on a proposal by the Cboe to list and trade the SolidX Bitcoin Shares, an ETF that was in turn proposed by the VanEck SolidX Bitcoin Trust, according to documents published Tuesday.

The trust will invest in bitcoin only, the document notes — as its net assets will «consist of bitcoin held by the Trust utilizing a secure process.»

The Cboe's filings indicate that the Trust will invest solely in bitcoin and shares in the vehicle will subsequently reflect the world's largest cryptocurrency's price. While its operators will buy or sell bitcoin as needed, «the Trust is not actively managed,» according to the document.

SEC is asking for comments on this proposed rule change from «interested persons.»

As previously reported by CoinDesk, this particular ETF is the result of investment firm VanEck partnering with blockchain startup SolidX. It is VanEck's third attempt to create a bitcoin investment vehicle.

VanEck CEO Jan van Eck said he believes bitcoin is «a legitimate investment option, as a type of 'digital gold' that may make sense for investors' portfolios,» despite regulatory hurdles they've met previously.

«We believe that collectively we will build something that may be better than other constructs currently making their way through the regulatory process. A properly constructed physically-backed bitcoin ETF will be designed to provide exposure to the price of bitcoin, and an insurance component will help protect shareholders against the operational risks of sourcing and holding bitcoin,» he told CoinDesk at the time.

While various companies have attempted to list bitcoin ETFs in the past, the SEC has forced withdrawals in every case. The regulator has previously stated that it is concerned with the cryptocurrency's volatility and liquidity, among other issues.

US Official Says 'Congressional Attention' Needed on Privacy Cryptos

An official for the U.S. Secret Service called on Congress to weigh potential legislative actions on cryptocurrencies that boast privacy-enhancing features last week.

Speaking before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Financial Services, Robert Novy, deputy assistant director for the Service's Office of Investigations, stated that «congressional attention» on the issue is needed.

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Bitcoin's Defense of $6K Raises Odds of Relief Rally

Bitcoin (BTC) is again trading above $6,000 and looking up, but today's closing price will likely set the tone for the rest of the week.

The leading cryptocurrency fell to $5,755 at 15:00 UTC on Sunday – the lowest level since Nov. 12 – only to make a quick recovery back above $6,000 an hour later, according to Bitfinex data.

The failure to capitalize on the drop, despite the long-run bearish technical setup, suggests that the bears are feeling exhausted, having pushed BTC lower by more than 40 percent (from $9,990 to $6,000) in the last seven weeks.

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A Long-Secret Bitcoin Key Is About to Finally Be Revealed

A long-held bitcoin secret is about to be revealed.

No, it's not the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, it's a private key the cryptocurrency's creator entrusted to several bitcoin developers that activates the protocol's so-called «alert system,» once used to flash a text warning to those running the software in case something happened that could impact the security of their funds.

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Bitcoin's Price Slides Below $6.5K to Hit 70-Day Low

The price of bitcoin slid below $6,000 on Friday, hitting a new low for 2018.

CoinDesk's Bitcoin Price Index (BPI) fell to $5,938.18 at 21:51 UTC, surpassing the prior low of $5,947, which occurred on February 6.

As of press time, that figure had risen above that low, with the price of bitcoin averaging $5,977.02, BPI data indicates. All told, the price of bitcoin has declined more than $700 since the start of the day's trading.

The cryptocurrency's market capitalization has also dipped, sliding to $102 billion – its lowest of the year – according to the BPI.

As analysis previously suggested, market bears may be back in force following the recent push above $6,700. CoinDesk's Omkar Godbole wrote earlier Friday that earlier technical charts showed the potential for a drop below $6,000.

Lloyd Blankfein does not support arrogant Bitcoin critics

Recently talking about Bitcoin, Lloyd Blankfein, Goldman Sach leader and one of the most influential finance figures of today implied he did not exclude the scenario of cryptocurrencies becoming more popular. This is evidenced from the following words:

“If you could go through that fiat currency where they say this is worth what it's worth because I, the government, says it is, why couldn't you have a consensus currency? <...> If it does work out, I could give you the historical path why that could have happened.”

He has also told that he does not have any Bitcoin possessions, as well as his company. The approach of conservatives towards Bitcoin is not something that Blankfein shares:

“I'm not in this school of saying… because it's uncomfortable with me, because it's unfamiliar, this can't happen, that's too arrogant.”
One of the most strict critics of Bitcoin is Berkshire Hathaway investment fund chair Warren Buffett, who called Bitcoin a rat poison squared. He himself later told that it would be hard to find anyone more negative towards this digital currency.

Lloyd Blankfein stated almost the same last year, telling he already was wrong about mobile phones usability. Continuing this analogy, the modern crypto market can be compared with the days of the first “brick” cell phones.

India: Former Legislator in Bitcoin Extortion Case Declared Proclaimed Offender

An Indian court declared former Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) Nalin Kotadiya a proclaimed offender in connection with a Bitcoin (BTC) extortion case amounting to $1.3 million.

Judge PG Tamakuwala declared Kotadiya a proclaimed offender or “absconder” under Section 82 of the Code of Criminal Procedure with reference to an application filed by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID). Kotadiya “remained untraceable,” even after a warrant was issued for his arrest. The CID initatiated proceedings again, seeking that the court should declare him a proclaimed offender.
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There's Another Bitcoin Core in Town – And It's Trolling Bitcoin Cash

Has a cryptocurrency by trolls, for trolls, finally been created?

If not, the cryptocurrency bitcoin core (BTCC) certainly comes close. And no, we're not using the derogatory other name for the cryptocurrency most often referred to as bitcoin – the one that legendary crypto investor and bitcoin cash booster Roger Ver likes to berate. Rather, BTCC is a new cryptocurrency, which ironically enough came about from a fork of bitcoin cash. Well, a hard fork of a bitcoin cash hard fork that is.

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