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The OASIS project raises funds for appropriate technologies development, new generation devices and production start-up.

BCI – device for the exchange (input/output) of information between the brain and the computer. Also, information can be exchanged with the exoskeleton, artificial sense organs, household devices or a wheelchair.

The OASIS project team will ensure that the collected funds are stored and managed as needed.

Tezos Investors Got a Chance to Sell This Week – And They Took It

After waiting nearly a year to get their tokens, the first thing many Tezos investors did was get rid of them.

At least, that seems to be the case according to available market data, which indicates a wave of selling has taken place since the tech backing the crypto asset was released in beta.

All in all, prices fell 34 percent on Monday to $2.00, according to CoinMarketCap. From a Monday high above $4, the price dropped 74 percent to a Friday low of $1.10, before paring losses to reach roughly $1.76 as of press time.

Notably, the sell-off coincided with the first listing of Tezos tokens on an exchange, meaning investors were quick to take advantage of access to liquidity.

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LeadRex presents an artificial intelligence in the innovative decentralized lead generation platform. This platform solves lots of problems that are related to the market of lead generation.

The platform is based on artificial intelligence and Blockchain. It is developed to increase the conversion of advertising campaigns and reduce operating costs.

LeadRex — the future is here.

Huobi's New Voting Rules Anger Crypto Fund 'Supernodes'

A change to the rules for voting on new token listings has caused a backlash against Huobi's HADAX cryptocurrency exchange platform.

On Friday of last week, Huobi published an update – «HADAX Super Nodes and Voting Rules Updates and Subsequent Arrangements» – which outlined that, henceforth, HADAX will rely on two separate groups of funds to help with deciding on new listings.

The company introduced the idea of «Standing Nodes,» for which the HADAX platform will invite 14 large, traditional venture capital firms to join, such as ZhenFund, FBG, Unity Ventures, and Draper Dragon.

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US Judge Says Boxer-Backed ICO Token Is a Security

A Florida district court has published an analysis explaining how a crypto token is a security.

Magistrate judge Andrea Simonton of the Southern District of Florida, in a report on whether to freeze the assets of the Floyd Mayweather-endorsed Centra Tech crypto startup, released a detailed explanation of how the company's token demonstrates the different aspects of a security under existing law. While it may not be a precedent for other similar court cases, the report may be cited in other legal battles asking whether crypto tokens are securities or not.

The defendants notably are not challenging the assertion that Centra's CTR token is a security, according to the document. Unlike the case brought by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, this decision is part of a lawsuit filed by previous investors claiming they lost money due to the unregistered securities sale.

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The EOS Arbitrator Problem: A Crypto Governance Breakdown Explained

«They have to figure their own shit out.»

Those were the harsh words of one of EOS' top «block producers» – the network participants in charge of maintaining the blockchain – on Monday as the world's fifth largest cryptocurrency attracted public ridicule for its current state of confusion.

As told to CoinDesk by Kevin Rose, co-founder and head of strategy at EOS New York, the statement could reflect the broader snags the software has faced since release, but this comment was focused specifically on the EOS Core Arbitration Forum (ECAF).

So far, it seems many both inside and outside the EOS community aren't clear what ECAF, the main body tasked with resolving disputes between token holders on the network, is and what control it has over transactions.

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EOS' Blockchain Arbitrator Orders Freeze of 27 Accounts

EOS, the blockchain network that has been live for just over a week, is raising eyebrows for its unconventional approach to governance – again.

In an «Emergency Measure of Protection Order» dated June 22, the EOS Core Arbitration Forum (ECAF) – a body set up to resolve disputes in the community – directed the block producers that maintain the EOS ledger to not process transactions from 27 different wallet addresses.

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Coinbase, Ripple Blast Company Creating Tokens in Their Name

Update 13 June 2018: Robinhood told CoinDesk in a statement that «As a company, Robinhood is not aware of Swarm, or any such plans to tokenize equity in Robinhood. We are not affiliated with Swarm in any way, shape or form.»

Blockchain startup Swarm announced Wednesday that it was launching new «equity tokens» that would represent equity in notable blockchain startups like Coinbase and Ripple – but those companies have pushed back swiftly against the idea.

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Former Telegram Employee to Launch Crypto Token Platform

A new cryptocurrency trading platform launched by former Telegram director of special projects Anton Rosenberg seeks to help blockchain startups stabilize their token prices.

Mikado, a crypto derivatives trading platform, will provide a solution for projects planning an initial coin offering (ICO) but which want to avoid the price collapse that occur when an open sale begins and early investors drop their tokens, Rosenberg announced Tuesday. He told CoinDesk that «many companies who are doing ICOs are trying to get investors' attention by big bonuses and discounts without a understanding how it will affect the price after the ICO.»

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