Spain's Lawmakers Push for Blockchain Use in Governance

Spain's ruling party believes the government should utilize blockchain to operate the country's public administration more efficiently.

Last week, 133 deputies from the Popular Party submitted a blockchain-related proposal to the Congress of Deputies, the lower chamber of the Spanish Parliament. This proposal recommends that the government introduce blockchain «with the aim of improving internal processes and [providing] traceability, robustness and transparency in decision making,» according to public documents.

The document continued:

«The introduction of blockchain — in administrative concessions, contracting or internal processes — will encourage greater control, traceability and transparency in the processes. In addition, the use of this technology can also bring extra revenue to the Administration through the promotion of new models of exchange of rights in sectors such as logistics, tourism or infrastructure. „

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Spanish Bank Group to Develop Blockchain Platform to Identify Clients

Major Spanish banking consortium Niuron announced they are developing a blockchain platform for client digital identification verification.

The group of banks reportedly plans to create the platform by the end of 2018, with the goal of developing a blockchain technology-based system to identify and record clients when they open an account for the first time.
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