ClearCost is a global project with its mission reflected in the name.

ClearCost allows its consumers to receive goods and services without paying for advertising costs and sellers’ super-profits.

To become a member of the club you can pay an annual fee on the site. However, getting it with
CCWT tokens is about four times more profitable, and this ratio will grow.

You can find more details about this unique project on ClearCost

US Judge Says Boxer-Backed ICO Token Is a Security

A Florida district court has published an analysis explaining how a crypto token is a security.

Magistrate judge Andrea Simonton of the Southern District of Florida, in a report on whether to freeze the assets of the Floyd Mayweather-endorsed Centra Tech crypto startup, released a detailed explanation of how the company's token demonstrates the different aspects of a security under existing law. While it may not be a precedent for other similar court cases, the report may be cited in other legal battles asking whether crypto tokens are securities or not.

The defendants notably are not challenging the assertion that Centra's CTR token is a security, according to the document. Unlike the case brought by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, this decision is part of a lawsuit filed by previous investors claiming they lost money due to the unregistered securities sale.

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Coinbase, Ripple Blast Company Creating Tokens in Their Name

Update 13 June 2018: Robinhood told CoinDesk in a statement that «As a company, Robinhood is not aware of Swarm, or any such plans to tokenize equity in Robinhood. We are not affiliated with Swarm in any way, shape or form.»

Blockchain startup Swarm announced Wednesday that it was launching new «equity tokens» that would represent equity in notable blockchain startups like Coinbase and Ripple – but those companies have pushed back swiftly against the idea.

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Former Telegram Employee to Launch Crypto Token Platform

A new cryptocurrency trading platform launched by former Telegram director of special projects Anton Rosenberg seeks to help blockchain startups stabilize their token prices.

Mikado, a crypto derivatives trading platform, will provide a solution for projects planning an initial coin offering (ICO) but which want to avoid the price collapse that occur when an open sale begins and early investors drop their tokens, Rosenberg announced Tuesday. He told CoinDesk that «many companies who are doing ICOs are trying to get investors' attention by big bonuses and discounts without a understanding how it will affect the price after the ICO.»

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The Real Reason Token Issuers Are Fleeing the US

Race to the bottom or race to reality?

The rise of initial coin offering (ICOs) – as controversial as they may be – is a signpost that the age of Industrial Era capital formation is giving way to a new paradigm of decentralized and democratized investment and customer-driven business models that expand far beyond the borders of any one country.

In this arena, entrepreneurs and companies will naturally gravitate toward the jurisdictions that allow them to raise funds from investors and serve customers around the world in a fast, safe and effective manner and with minimal friction.

Recognizing that this shift to a new Decentralized Era is underway, numerous countries are positioning themselves at the forefront of this transition so as to reap the economic, financial and geopolitical benefits that come with being the go-to jurisdiction for global capital formation.

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Disillusioned Token Investors Demand Real Talk About Risk

ICOs, I don't see results.

That's the growing complaint among investors who are passionate about blockchain technology but frustrated with a lack of tangible progress on professional risk management strategies across major token projects.

«A lot of the projects that raise money, they're not really reporting what they are spending it on,» said Meltem Demirors, founder of Athena Capital and chief strategy officer at the asset manager CoinShares. «I don't think you can responsibly talk about investing without talking about risk management.»

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South Carolina Sanctions Startup Over Unregistered Token Sales

Blockchain startup ShipChain has been hit with a cease-and-desist order from the South Carolina Attorney General's Office, which claimed the company violated the state's securities statutes.

The state's Securities Commissioner said in an order issued Monday that ShipChain offered what amounts to an investment contract by way of its token, which is «the only medium of exchange on the platform.»

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SBI Backs Token Exchange Templum's $10 Million Funding Round

SBI Holdings, the venture capital arm of Japanese financial giant SBI Group, has added a stake in token trading platform Templum to its cryptocurrency portfolio companies.

New York-based Templum announced Wednesday that it had gotten backing from SBI, thereby completing a $10 million round of financing. In October, the startup revealed that it had raised $2.7 million in funding from a group of investors that included Raptor Group, Galaxy Investment Partners, Blockchain Capital and Templum is seeking to build a regulation-compliant platform for the sale and trade of digitized assets and securities.

According to Templum, the new fund will be used to further develop its services and alternative trading platform.

The new round comes months after the startup has acquired Liquid Markets Group's broker-dealer and alternative trading system Liquid M Capital LLC. At the time, it also unveiled its board of advisors, which includes Troy Paredes, a former commissioner for the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The new investment also marks the latest move by SBI to further diversify its group of cryptocurrency portfolio companies. The Japanese financial giant announced that it had acquired a stake in a Taiwan-based crypto hardware wallet maker, CoolBitX, in March.

As of now, SBI Holdings has already set foot in a range of businesses within the cryptocurrency ecosystem, including ICO platforms, wallet services, and cryptocurrency exchanges, as well as a joint venture with Ripple focused on cross-border remittances.

$125 Million: Orchid Is Raising One of 2018's Biggest Token Sales

Orchid Labs is raising $125 million in a SAFT sale, filings from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) reveal.

According to a Form D published on April 20, Orchid has raised roughly $36.1 million out of a planned $125.59 million. Per the Form D filing, 42 investors have taken part in the sale of SAFTs — or Simple Agreements for Future Tokens — thus far. The SAFT gives accredited investors the right to claim blockchain tokens at a later date, and the investors involved must meet certain SEC-mandated income or asset thresholds in order to participate.

The startup is seeking to build an alternative to Tor, the anonymous browser software — Orchid's white paper argues that Tor can be compromised due to a lack of network nodes. It also aims to provide an alternative to virtual private networks (VPN), which require users to trust the provider.

Orchid's solution allows bandwidth users and providers to exchange ethereum-based Orchid tokens, which the firm hopes will incentivize greater participation than the Tor network has enjoyed. By executing these micropayments through the ethereum blockchain, Orchid has designed its network to be decentralized, in contrast to VPNs.

The firm raised $4.7 million in October from a raft of top-tier venture capital firms, including Andreessen Horowitz, Blockchain Capital, Polychain Capital and Sequoia.

Orchid's co-founder and CEO Steven Waterhouse told CoinDesk at the time:

«This is about anti-surveillance and anti-censorship, the ability to not be tracked. We see this not just in China or the Middle East, but in this country, in states that are considered to be free. If you go back in history, there was a lot more concern about privacy on the internet before Facebook.»

Waterhouse told CoinDesk in October that his focus on private internet browsing began with the personal experience of being hacked.

«That really woke me up,» he said.

Energy Giant BP Says It's Tested 'Internal' Tokens

Energy giant BP would consider partnering with blockchain startups that are doing initial coin offerings, and it's even tested tokens internally, an executive said Wednesday.

Speaking at the Blockchain Expo in London, Julian Gray, the technology director for BP's digital innovation organization, voiced a common theme: non-financial enterprises are perhaps more open to open-blockchain innovation than their financial-services counterparts.

Gray said:

«We haven't done anything with public chains yet. But that doesn't mean we won't. We have done proof of concepts using tokens internally, transferring value.»
Inside BP, he said, there's a lot of education that needs to be done. But there is a handful of people at the company, formerly known as British Petroleum, now who realize that blockchains, even the open kind, are not merely «hacker territory.»

Gray said that while his own innovation department is robustly funded, he is open to working with others that have gone the ICO route.

«Would we partner with people who are doing this stuff? Yes, I think so,» he said. «Not right now, but I wouldn't be surprised if we did.»

The session moderator, Lewis Cohen, a partner at the law firm Hogan Lovells, said it was interesting to hear someone from a company like BP say this.

While the financial services industry has shown a lot of resistance to anything having to do with ICOs or public chains, that's not the case in the wider enterprise world, Cohen said, where he's found players are more amenable to the token route to funding innovation.

Gray added,

«This technology is out the gate and it's clearly going somewhere and at some point we will interact with it.»

Speaking to us after the panel, Gray said: «I have been looking at this for a long time and I don't believe in taking the view that ICOs are terrible, like we have heard from many people.

»However, I would stress that is my view — and not necessarily the view of BP," he said.